Fall 2014 ESSC Brown Bag Series

Speaker/Discussion Leader Topic
September 3
529 Walker
Dr. Michael Mann
Director, ESSC
Penn State University
The AMO, the PDO and Northern Hemisphere Temperatures
September 17 529 Walker Dr. Brian King
Penn State University
"We do not understand how and when it rains": Perceptions of environmental change in the Okavango Delta of Botswana
October 1 529 Walker Justin Schulte
Penn State University
Advances in Wavelet Analysis: Significance Testing Methods and Pitfalls
Special Seminar
October 10
11 AM
529 Walker Dr. Mark Guishard
Risk Prediction Initiative
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS)
Oceans, Hurricanes and Risk: A Bermuda Triangle of Feedbacks
October 15 529 Walker Dr. Gregory Jenkins
Howard University
Developing a predictive system using relevant observations to address natural hazards in Coastal West Africa and Cape Verde
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October 29 529 Walker Dr. Palash Sinha
Penn State University
Projected precipitation in south Florida using a statistical downscaling approach