Spring 2016 ESSC Brown Bag Series

Speaker/Discussion Leader Topic
January 27
529 Walker
Greg Fishel
Chief Meteorologist, WRAL
Communicating Weather and Climate: a discussion
February 24 529 Walker Andra J. Reed
Meteorology, Penn State
Past, Present, and Future Threat of Tropical Cyclones and Coastal Flooding in New York City
April 13 529 Walker Alexandra Anderson-Frey
Meteorology, Penn State
Tornadic near-storm environments: Lessons from a ten-year climatology
April 20 529 Walker Rear Adm. Dr. David W. Titley
Director, Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk, Penn State
National Academy of Science Report on Extreme Weather Events and Climate Change Attribution
April 27 529 Walker Andrew Ross
Meteorology, Penn State
Climate change and consequences for estuarine environments