Spring 2014 ESSC Brown Bag Series

Speaker/Discussion Leader Topic
January 29
529 Walker
Dr. Michael Mann
Director, ESSC
Penn State
Fun with Energy Balance Models
March 5 529 Walker Dr. Per Wikman-Svahn
EESI/Rock Ethics Institute
Penn State
From the climate casino into the geoengineering jungle: ethical aspects of decision making under extreme uncertainty
March 26 529 Walker Dr. Chris Forest
Meteorology, Penn State
The Fifth Assessment: A Discussion of IPCC Working Group 1 AR5 Report, Part 2
April 9 529 Walker Dr. Byron Steinman
Meteorology, Penn State
Assessment of forced and internal variability in the AMO through analyses of SST data from CMIP5 historical simulations and observations
April 23 529 Walker Dr. Jeff Trapp
Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences and Purdue Climate Change Research Center, Purdue University

Adventures in dynamical downscaling
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April 28
4 PM
Special EarthTalks Seminar
112 Walker Dr. Andy Morse
University of Liverpool
Driving disease transmission models with climate models … angels or fools?
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April 30 541 Deike Dr. Andy Morse
University of Liverpool
On the road to the operationalization of seasonal malaria forecasts
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