Spring/Summer 2008 Series

ESSC Brown Bag Series
Quantitative Environmental Decision Analysis Series
WUN Horizons in Earth Systems Series

Spring 2008 ESSC Brown Bag Series

All regular seminars are from 11:15am to 12:30pm

Speaker/Discussion Leader Topic
March 26
541 Deike
Dr. Kate Freeman
Geosciences, Penn State
Biomarker and Isotope Signatures of Plants:
What can they tell us about ancient water, mountains and ecology?
April 9
541 Deike

Dr. Rob Crane
Director, AESEDA, Penn State

Downscaled Rainfall Projections for Sub-Saharan Africa--Reducing Uncertainty
Special Seminar
April 16
240 Deike
Dr. Ryan L. Sriver
Purdue University
The relationship between tropical cyclones and the upper ocean: Investigating possible climate feedbacks
July 21
541 Deike
Fangxing Fan
Meteorology, Penn State
Physical Mechanisms and Future Changes of the Asian Summer Monsoon: A Review

2007-2008 WUN Horizons in Earth Systems Virtual Seminar Series

All WUN Seminars are from noon to 1 PM in 541 Deike.

Speaker/Discussion Leader Topic
October 17
541 Deike

Dr. Peter Rhines
University of Washington, Seattle

Exploring high latitude climate from above and below: altimetry to seagliders
Abstract >>
November 7
541 Deike

Dr. Richard Pelltier
University of Toronto

Snowball earth prevention by DOC re-mineralization

December 5
541 Deike
Dr. Richard Norris
University of California, San Diego
The paradox of ice sheets and black shales during the cretaceous thermal maximum
January 16
541 Deike
Dr. Andy Ridgwell
University of Bristol
Global cycles in a greenhouse transient: lessons from the past
February 20
541 Deike

Dr. Jim Kasting
Penn State

Atmospheric composition and climate on the early earth
March 12
541 Deike

Dr. Wilco Hazeleger
University of Utrecht

Atmospheric & oceanic energy transports in a changing climate
April 16
541 Deike
Led by Toby Tyrrell
University of Southampton
Special e-learning event: web-enabled models of earth-system regulation
May 21
541 Deike
Dr. Grant Bigg
University of Sheffield
The synthesis of modeling and paleodata: a regional perspective
June 18
541 Deike



2007-2008 Quantitative Environmental Decision Analysis Seminar Series

Seminars are from 3:45 pm to 5pm. More information about this series can be found here.

Speaker/Discussion Leader Topic
May 30
343 Deike
Dr. Arthur Small, Meteorology Risk, Uncertainty, and Ambiguity
June 27
343 Deike
Dr. Klaus Keller, Geosciences Utility Theory and Its Discontents
August 1
343 Deike
Moderator TBD A discussion of the value and limits of utility theory in providing a framework for analyzing risk management. The focus will be on risk and risk management in insurance and financial markets.