Spring 2006 ESSC Brown Bag Series

Speaker/Discussion Leader Topic
January 18
117 EES
David Pollard, EESI, Penn State

Cenozoic variations of the Antarctic ice sheet

Relevant papers can be found here.

January 25
117 EES
Introduction by Richard Alley, Geosciences, Penn State

A discussion of papers on changes in the Atlantic thermohaline circulation including possible influences on global warming.

References and links to PDFs for the papers can be found here.

Special ACRE Seminar

January 25
1 PM

541 Deike
Richard S.J. Tol, Hamburg, Vrije and Carnegie Mellon Universities

Human feedbacks in the Earth system.

Abstract can be found here.

February 15
541 Deike
Paul Hanson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Should We Be Concerned About Future Drought Impacts on Upland- Oak Forest Function and Growth?

References for relavant papers can be found

March 1
529 Walker
Frank Li, Geosciences, Penn State

Mineral-magnetic evidence for the Holocene lake level fluctuations of White Lake, New Jersey -- a discussion of papers on Holocene millennial-scale climate variability.

Relevant papers can be found here.

March 15
117 EES
Michael Mann, ESSC director, Penn State

Recent research on the influence of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation on hurricanes.

Relevant papers can be found here.

March 29
541 Deike
Zhihua Zhang, ESSC/University of Virginia

Relationships Between Patterns of Atmospheric
Circulation and U.S. Drought over the Past Several Centuries.

Relevant papers can be found here.

April 12
Time Change:
Noon-1 PM

529 Walker
Yvette Richardson and Paul Markowski, Meteorology, Penn State

A global view of severe thunderstorms: Estimating the current distribution and possible future changes

More information here.

April 26
117 EES
Seok-Woo Son, Meteorology, Penn State

Interpreting Southern Hemisphere climate change and its predictability with a simple general circulation model (GCM)

Papers here >>