Fall 2015 Brown Bag Seminar Series

Speaker/Discussion Leader Topic
August 27
Special Thursday Seminar
529 Walker
Dr. John R. Mashey
Techviser, DeSmog Blog
The Machinery of Climate Anti-Science: Science Bypass and Confusion Tactics Inherited from Big Tobacco
October 14 529 Walker Dr. Stan Benjamin
Chief, Assimilation and Modeling Branch, NOAA/ESRL
Experiments with the FIM(-HYCOM) atmospheric (coupled) global model for medium-range to subseasonal prediction
October 21 529 Walker Cancelled Will be rescheduled in Spring 2017
October 29
Special THURSDAY Seminar
529 Walker Dr. James R. Fleming
Professor of Science, Technology, and Society, Colby College
Inventing Atmospheric Science: The Quest for Prevision and the Gordian Knots of Meteorology
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November 11 529 Walker Jeffrey Schmidt/Dr. George Young
Meteorology, Penn State
Jet Stream Variability: Creating a Jet Index
November 18 607 Walker Bill Nye
CEO, The Planetary Society
Q&A with Meteorology and Earth Science students and faculty