Fall 2012 ESSC Brown Bag Series

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are from 11:15am - 12:30pm in 529 Walker.

Speaker/Discussion Leader Topic
September 12
(co-sponsored with CLIMA)
529 Walker
Dr. Noah Diffenbaugh
Stanford University
Climate adaptation wedges
September 26
529 Walker
Dr. Roger Wakimoto
Director, NCAR
Overview of the National Center for Atmospheric Research
October 17
529 Walker
Dr. Robert Fischer
Downscaled and Smoothed Surface Fluxes for GCM / Ice Model Coupling
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Special Seminar
October 18
3:30 PM
529 Walker
Dr. Ron Stouffer
2012 Penn State Alumni Fellow
The IPCC Process - A Scientist's View
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November 14
529 Walker
Dr. Byron Steinman
Penn State
Quantitative reconstruction of precipitation in the Pacific Northwest from lake sediment records and mass balance models
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Special Seminar
November 16
4 PM

(BSHEE Seminar Series)
112 Walker
Dr. Ed Maibach
George Mason University
Overcoming America's climate change apathy: Audience research as a strategy
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December 12
529 Walker
Dr. Eugenia Kalnay
University of Maryland
Population and Climate Change