Fall 2010 ESSC Brown Bag Series

Speaker/Discussion Leader Topic
September 15
529 Walker
Dr. Yuqing Wang
University of Hawaii
Contributions of ENSO and East Indian Ocean Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies to the Interannual Variability of Northwest Pacific Tropical Cyclone Activity
September 29
529 Walker
Dr. Alan Robock
Rutgers University
Nuclear Winter
October 6
529 Walker
Diemut Strebe Contemporary Art and Climate Change
October 20
529 Walker
Dr. Derrick Lampkin
Geography, Penn State
Searching for the "Lady of the Lake": Understanding Supraglacial Melt Zone Dynamics over Western Greenland
November 17
529 Walker
Ying Cui
Geosciences, Penn State
Slow Rates of Fossil Carbon Emission caused the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum