Fall 2007 ESSC Brown Bag Series

All regular seminars are from 11:15am to 12:30pm

Speaker/Discussion Leader Topic
September 19
529 Walker
ESSC Scientists

A discussion of Stephen E. Schwartz's article: "Heat capacity, time constant, and the sensitivity of Earth's climate system"

Download PDF here: HeatCapacity.pdf

October 10
529 Walker

Burt Thomas
Dept. of Geosciences/Penn State

What we don't know about decomposition to methane in northern wetlands
October 24
529 Walker

Dr. Bernd Haupt
EESI/Penn State

Bringing NOAA’s Weather Data to your Desktop: Penn State's Internet Map Services
October 31
529 Walker

Dr. Anthony Broccoli
Dept. of Environmental Sciences
Rutgers University

Effects of Global Warming on Hydrologic Extremes
Special Seminar
November 13
541 Deike
Dr. Alan Robock
Rutgers University
The impact of nuclear war on climate
Special Seminar (Meteo Seminar)
November 15
112 Walker
Dr. Kerry Emanuel
Hurricanes and Global Warming
November 28
529 Walker
Pete Bowyer
Canadian Hurricane Centre

Tropical Cyclone Ocean Waves: Size Matters

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