Penn State researchers' integration of maps and weather data featured by Ivanhoe Broadcast News

June 23, 2008
Penn State research that integrates National Weather data with GIS was recently featured by the Ivanhoe Broadcast News. The article "Saving Lives When Wildfires Burn" also includes a video.

Bernd Haupt, senior research associate in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences at Penn State, in collaboration with Maurie C. Kelly, Ryan Baxter and James Spayd of Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment (PSIEE), have converted ever-changing, live streams of National Weather Service (NWS) weather forecast data from its raw form into GIS-ready formats (feature and image map services). These free services can be used now by any number of weather-sensitive users to, for example, help them make decisions to mitigate loss of life and property due to the effects of impacting weather conditions being forecast.

This Ivanhoe Broadcast News story showcases how the the GIS mapping application can be used in wildfire management. It profiles Margot Kaye, assisant professor of forest ecology — a forestry expert and wildfire manager — and how she uses the mapping application in her wildfire management work. The article was also covered by ScienceDaily.

The maps are available on the PASDA website: