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CECG Summer Fellowship Application

The Pennsylvania State University
CECG Summer Research Program
Application for Summer 2014

click here for a pdf application

Last Name                                                   First Name                                              M. Initial             

Birthdate                            Gender F / M            Email                                                                     

Local Street Address                                                                                                                                            

State ________________________  Zip Code __________

Permanent Street Address                                                                                                                                    

City__________________________________ State _________________________ Zip Code ___________

Race/Ethnicity: This information is intended solely for affirmative action purposes and programs, including the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Plan for Equal Opportunity in the State-Support Institutions of Higher Education, and for
statistical purposes. Information provided will not be used to deny admission. Provision of this information is voluntary.

           American Indian/Alaskan Native           Latino/Hispanic American            Asian/Pacific American
           African/Black American            White American           Foreign (Non-Immigrant)

Include with your application:

  1. Student’s Curriculum vita, emphasizing all pertinent work or research experience. Include information about science
    and mathematics courses completed.
  2. An unofficial copy of the student’s most recent transcript.
  3. Short text (~1500 words) outlining the proposed research, including environmental focus and implications.
  4. Letter of recommendation (in a sealed envelope signed by the faculty) from a faculty member familiar with the
    student’s work in class or laboratory settings. This letter should address such characteristics such as: work ethic,
    maturity, intellectual preparation, and potential.
  5. Letter of recommendation and invitation (in a sealed envelope signed by the faculty) from the CECG faculty member
    whose laboratory will host the student. This letter should describe the research project in which the student will be
    involved including environmental focus and implications.
  6. List your advisor’s name as well as the name of the faculty supervising your research.

Letters of recommendation must come from two separate faculty members. Students are expected to give a
presentation describing their completed research in the CECG weekly discussion series at the end of the summer,
or at the subsequent Environmental Chemistry & Microbiology Student Symposium (ECMSS).
Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee drawn from CECG faculty.
Completed packets should be mailed/dropped off to: CECG 2014 Summer Research Program
c/o Debra Lambert, EESI, Penn State, 2217 EES Building, University Park, PA 16802

Academic Information
College/Department_                                                                                                     Major                                                                    

Semester Standing as of Spring 2014: FR           SO          JR            SR         Grad                 

Expected Graduation Date                                                    GPA (Cumulative)                                                         

Will you be receiving any other funding or financial aid during the summer?  YES ________ NO ________

If yes, briefly explain:


_________________________________________________ __________________
Signature                                                                                      Date