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Biogeochemistry Program

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List of Courses with Environmental geoChemistry and Genomics
Content at Penn State

Course Title Credits College Department or Program Faculty
CE 475
(ERM 475)
Water Quality Analysis (Chemistry) 3 Eng Civil Engineering  
CE 570 Aquatic Chemistry 3 Eng Civil Engineering  
CE 573 Environmental Organic Chemistry 3 Eng Civil Engineering  
ERM 430 Air Pollution Impacts to Terrestrial Ecosystems 3 CAS Env. Resource Management D. Decoteau
GEOEE 404W Surface and Interfacial Phenomena in Geo-Environmental Systems 3 EMS Geo-Environmental Engineering L. Radovic
GEOEE 406 Sampling and Monitoring of the Geo-Environment 3 EMS Geo-Environmental Engineering R. Vander Wal
GEOEE 408 Contaminent Hydrology 3 EMS Geo-Environmental Engineering D. Elsworth
GEOEE 412 Geo-Environmental Engineering Laboratory 1 EMS Geo-Environmental Engineering M. Klima
GEOSC 021 Earth and Life Origin and Evolution 3 EMS Geosciences J. Macalady
GEOSC 202 Processes in Geology 4 EMS Geosciences M. Fantle
GEOSC 303 Introduction to Environmental Geology 3 EMS Geosciences R. Parizek
GEOSC 409W Geomicrobiology 3 EMS Geosciences J. Macalady
GEOSC 413 Techniques in Environmental Geochemistry 3 EMS Geosciences S. Brantley
GEOSC 419 The Organic Chemistry of Natural Waters and Sediments 3 EMS Geosciences K. Freeman
GEOSC 474 Astrobiology 3 EMS Geosciences C. House
GEOSC 519 Mineral Equilibria 3 EMS Geosciences J. Kubicki
GEOSC 560 Kinetics of Geological Processes 3 EMS Geosciences J.Kubicki/S.Brantley
GEOSC 589 Aqueous Geochemistry Seminar 1 EMS Geosciences S. Brantley
METEO 451 Elements of Physical Oceanography 3 EMS Meteorology  
METEO 466 Planetary Atmospheres 3 EMS Meteorology  
METEO 532 Chemistry of the Atmosphere 3 EMS Meteorology A. Thompson
SOILS 101 Introduction to Soils 3 CAS Soil Science R. Stehouwer
SOILS 402 Chemistry of Soils and Fertilizers 3 CAS Soil Science R. Fox
SOILS 419 (GEOSC 418) Soil Environmental Chemistry 3 CAS Soil Science C. Martinez
SOILS 420 Remediation of Contaminated Soils 3 CAS Soil Science S. Komarneni