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Laboratory Facilities Affiliated Through the CECG

High Resolution Magnetic Sector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (HR ICP-MS) is up and running in the CECG-sponsored analytical lab in 316 Hosler Building.

The following is a short listing of analytical or computational facilities available in the labs of individual affiliates of the CECG:

Harry Allcock -
- Gel permeation chromatography. Light scattering, electrical conductivity, hangmin-blodgett trough, DSC, T.G.A.
Andre Boehman -
- FTIR for gaseous emissions analysis
- Several gas chromatographs for species characterization
- Sierra instruments BG-1 mini-dilution tunnel for particulate collection
- R & P Co. Series 5100 diesel particulate analyzer for particulate composition analysis
- California Analytical hot Hydrocarbon analyzer

Susan Brantley -
- HR-ICP-MS (Finnigan Element) Dionex IC

Jean Brenchley
- Microbiological Techniques
- PCR Equipment

William Burgos
- Varian model 3400 gas chromatographs (two) equipped with Flame Ionization 
- Thermal Conductivity and Electron Capture Detectors, and a Varian 8200 Autosampler Hewlett Packard Model
- 5890 Series II gas chromatographs (two) with Flame Ionization 
- Thermal Conductivity and Electron Capture Detectors, and HP 6890 Autosampler 
- Hewlett Packard 5890 Series IIG gas chromatograph fitted with Hewlett Packard 
- 5972 Mass Selective Detector 
- Waters 2690 High Performance Liquid Chromatographs (two) with a Waters 996 photodiode array detector and a Waters 2487 dual wavelength detector and Waters autosamplers 
- Perkin Elmer Atomic Absorption Spectrometer 
- Dionex 100 and Dionex 500 Ion Chromotographs, both with autosamplers

Fred S. Cannon -
- Accelerating Rate Calorimeter (CSI)
- Micromeritics 2000 Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry units (three)
- Thermogravimetric Analyzers (Cahn TG-131) with Flame Ionization Detector (SRI 110)
- Gas Chromatograph-Flame Ionization Detection unit (Hewlett Packard 5870)
- Bench-Scale Advanced Oxidation SonoperoxoneTM system, Furness-Newburge
- Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu AA-6601F)
- Ozone Analyzer (Dasibi Environmental Corp 1008-HC)
- UV lamp advanced oxidant generation systems
- Automatic Titrator (two) (Metler Toledo DEL 53),
- Ion Chromatography units (two) (Dionex 100 and 500)
- Activated Carbon Thermal Reactivation Pilot Furnace
- High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, - Ternary Gradient LC-95-33
- Supercritical Extraction unit (SFX 2-10)
- Liquid Scintillation Counter (LKB Wallac 1217 Rackbeta)
- Roto Evaporator (Buchi R-114) and Freeze Dryer (Lab Conco 4.5)
- Reverse Osmosis Units (Desal)
- Curie Point Pyrolyzer JHP-5/5S
- Japan Analytical Industry Co.

Hunter Carrick
- My laboratory offers state of the art faculties to carry out aquatic microbial ecology research. Analytical capabilities include: radio-tracer experiments to measure metabolism and food web dynamics, oxygen microsensors and ultratitrators to assess metabolism, fluorometry to estimate photopigments, Coulometric carbon analysis (DIC, CDOM, and particulate carbon), Microscopy (DIC, phase, and epifluorescence), and facilities to support mesocosm experimentation (incubators, and plant growth chambers). 

Wayne R. Curtis -
- Supercritical C02 extractor
- MC-A 1200 Mass Spec.
- access to Chemical Engineering Bioprocess Center equipment

Kenneth J. Davis -
- Highly calibrated greenhouse gas mixing ratio measurements
- Field deployment of greenhouse gas flux and mixing ratio measurements
- Long-term deployments at various locations across North America
- Extensive experience analyzing turbulent flux measurements and both airborne and ground-based atmospheric lidar measurements
- Experience with numerical modeling of atmospheric transport of greenhouse gases and land-atmosphere interactions at micro and meso scales

Brian Dempsey -
- Environmental Engineering Laboratories are approximately 16,000 sq. ft., including a 2,000 sq. ft. laboratory at the University Wastewater Treatment Plant (less than one mile from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering). Major equipment:
- AAS with flame and graphite furnace
- Various gas chromatographs
- Spectrophotometers
- Scintillation counters
- Carbon analyzers
- Particle counters
- Zeta Meter
- Axiophot microscope with image analysis and photometric detection
- Anaerobic and aerobic respirometry systems

Herschel Elliott -
- Atomic absorption, gas chromatograph, ion chromatograph

J. Greg Ferry -
- Protein purification equipment

Charles Fisher
- Analytical: Gas Chromatograph (for dissolved gases in environmental samples)
- Scintillation counter
- Spectrophotometer
- Fluorometer
- Gel apparatus
- Assortment of contrifuges, balances, ovens, microscopes, and small lab equipment.
- Image analysis and mosaicising facilities
- A wide variety of specialized equipment for acquiring environmental samples using submersibles in the deep sea.

Kate Freeman -
- Molecular and Isotopic Biogeochemical facilities at Penn State University include laboratory equipment, glassware and supplies for extraction and isolation of organic materials from rock, sediment, soil and water samples and a wide array of chromatographic techniques. Multiple high-resolution gas-inlet stable-isotope mass spectrometers are available, and are equipped with conventional dual inlet systems, combustive and reductive elemental analyzers and a GC interface for compound-specific isotopic (13C, D) analyses.

Peter C. Jurs -
- Three DEC workstations, numerous PCs.

Sridhar Komarneni -
- Autosorb -1 for N2 adsorption-desorption isotherms for porosity, pore-size distribution and surface area determination. Water adsorption-desorption device - home built.

Jim Kubicki -
- Perkin-Elmer Lambda 40 UV/Vis spectrometer

Lee Kump -
- YSI Datasonde for field water-quality data collection; aqueous and sedimentary geochemistry laboratory with standard equipment for sample preparation.

Dennis Lamb - Ion chromatography (IC)

Bruce Logan
- Microbial fuel cell laboratory  

- Image analysis and fluorescent microscopies
- Multichannel potentiostats (several)
- Particle counters (Coulter and laser; liquid samples)
- Dissolved organic carbon
Gas, liquid and ion chromatography
- Pure culture bioreactors
Anaerobic glove box

Serguei Lvov
- Hydrothermal reactors
Potentiometric cells
- High temperature/high pressure pH probes
- Electrochemical kinetics cells
- Electrophoresis cells
Electronic devices
- Fuel cell systems
- Conductivity cells
Lab has most of the essential facilities and resources for conducting electrochemical, electrochemical kinetics, and electrokinetic studies in high temperature aqueous environments

Hiroshi Ohmoto
- 3 mass spectrometers for stable isotope analyses
- Carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and hydroflex elemental analyzer; X-ray chemical microscope; liquid chromatography

Carlo Pantano -
- glassmelting and fiberdrawing facilities
- microscopy and surface analysis
- thin films by sputtering, evaporation and sol/gel

Richard R. Parizek
- 546 Deike, clean organic laboratory facilities provided by Kate Freeman, Associate Professor of Geosciences and newly renovated hydro lab 326 Deike.

John M. Regan

- Real-time PCR thermocycler 
Electrophoresis and gel documentation equipment
Epifluorescent microscope with video, color CCD, Polaroid, and 35-mm imaging
Electrochemical monitoring equipment (data logger, potentiostat with electrochemical impedance spectroscopy)

William Sharpe -
- Soil processing and extraction

Dan Sykes -
AB 3200 Q-trap LC-MSMS
- Shimadzu GC-MS with purge and trap

HP GC-MS (2)
- Shimadzu HPLC w/PDA
- Shimadzu HPLC w/standard UV-VIS (2)
- Bruker 400 MHz NMR variable T/liquid/solids capable (departmental)
- SensIR FTIR microscope
- Bruker bench FTIR near/mid-IR w/ATR
- Nicolet bench FTIR near/mid/far-IR w/Orbit
- DeltaNu Raman spectrometer red-line (instructional grade)
Jobin Yvon Fluorolog-3
- Varian Flame AA
- Leica polarizing light microscope (5)
- Leica microtome

Darrell Velegol -
- Video microscopy
- UV-vis spectrometer
- Small angle light scattering (18 angles)

William B. White -
- Infrared and Raman spectroscopy

Yuefeng Xie -  

- Two gpm conventional drinking water treatment pilot plant
- Gas chromatograph
- Gas CHromatograph/mass spectrometer
- Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
- Water and wastewater pilot filters

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