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Please Note:
The banquet that was scheduled for Wednesday, August 20 will now be held on Tuesday, August 19. There is a separate fee to attend the banquet.

Monday 18 August

8:00 am Registration: University of Wisconsin Memorial Union

Morning Session: Oral Presentations

Welcome and Introduction
Kevin McSweeney

Geostatistics in Soil Science: State-of-the-Art and Perspectives
Pierre Goovaerts

Ed Perfect

Neural Networks in Soil Science: A Tool or Just Cool?
Yakov Pachepsky

A New Sampling Strategy to Estimate the Mean Phosphate Content of Fields
D.J. Brus and L.E.E.M. Spatjens

Implementing Properties of Map Delineations in Ordinary Kriging
G. Boucneau, M. Van Meirvenne, and O. Thas

Statistical models of Russian soils
V.A. Rojkov
Afternoon Session: Posters
Statistical Approaches for Soil Survey Updates
P.J. Abbitt, S.M. Nusser, G. Medlyn, T.E. Fenton, and T. Reedy

Sampling Design and Spatial Modeling of Heavy Metals in Contaminated Soils
S.Andronikov, D.Davidson, and R.Spiers

Spatial Variability of Terric and Typic Medisaprists Within a Coastal Marsh
W. H. Hudnall, L. C. Dharmasri, and R. Pelletier

Application of a Two-Phase Sampling Approach to Determine Soil Spatial Variability in Relation to Nutrient Dynamics
N. Domburg, C.A. Marriott, and G. Hudson

Comparison of Different Mapping and Classification Algorithms for the Evaluation of Soil Survey in Iran
J. Mohammadi and M. Van Meirvenne

Comparison of Different Mapping and Classification Algorithms for the Evaluation of Soil Survey in Iran
J. Mohammadi and M. Van Meirvenne

Tuesday 19 August

Morning Session: Oral Presentations
Soil sampling J.J. de Gruijter
< 1m scale C. Moran

Research at the 1 to 10m Scale in Pedology: The Emergence of Landscape-Scale Patterns of Soil Properties
D.J. Pennock

Assessment, Description, and Delineation of Soil Spatial Variability at Hillslope to Landscape Scales
J. C. Bell

Developing a Quantitative Analogue of Conventional Soil Survey for the Prediction of Soil Properties at Resolutions from 100m 1km
Neil J. McKenzie and Philip J. Ryan

Regional and continental scale soil mapping using satellite imagery
M.F. Baumgardner

Role of Aggregation Level in Modelling Soil Processes
Gerard Heuvelink

Simulation of Soil and Vegetation Dynamics with Coupled Models
Elissa Levine and Robert Knox
Afternoon Session: Posters
Soil development using terrain analysis prediction in sandy area of southwest
France D. Arrouays

The Relationship of Soil Variability to Slope Aspect in The Beauce Region (France)
D. King, H. Bourennane, A. Couturier, M. Isambert, and B. Renaux

A GIS-based Soil-Landscape Modeling Approach to Predict Soil Drainage Classes and Depth to Iron and Manganese Concretions
Chih-Hsing Cheng, Zueng-Sang Chen1, and Horng-Yuh Guo

Use of Asymmetric In Shape Fuzzy Membership Functions on a Land Evaluation Study in an Agricultural Experimental Venezuela
L. J. Rangel and M. A. Henriquez

Hydraulic Conductivity of a Soil Pedon
Andrew S. Rogowski

Using Relief Parameters in a Discriminant Analysis to Stratify Geological Areas of Different Spatial Variability of Soil Properties
W. Sinowski and K. Auerswald

Evaluating Water Holding Capacity Across Spatial Scales with Neural Networks
Elissa Levine and Daniel Kimes

Wednesday 20 August

Morning Session: Oral Presentations
Selecting Optimal Modes of Surface Water Control by Means Soil Water Models And Surface Elevation Data
M.F.P. Bierkens, P.J.T. van Bakel, and J.G. Wesseling

Mapping Land Units within Land Systems in Central Using a Fuzzy Expert System and Terrain Models
M.J. Grundy, B.K. Slater, and M. Bryant

Digital Elevation Model Resolution: Effects on Terrain Calculation and Quantitative Soil-Landscape Modeling
J. A. Thompson, J. C. Bell, and C. A. Butler

Quantitative Soil-landscape Modeling: A Key to linking Ecosystem Processes on Hillslopes
P.E. Gessler and O.A. Chadwick

Integration of Quantitative Pedological Data Collected at Multiple Scales
R. Protz, A.J. VandenBygaart, M.D. Wood, and B. Hulshof
Afternoon Session: Field Trip

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